Envirotherm Engineering supplies and installs a vast range of HVAC Products (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Products).


Heating products include electric heater banks controlled using either step controllers or thyristors connected to PLC controllers. These heater banks are typically supplied with safety devices including over-heat thermostats and airflow switches. These heater banks are commonly used in industrial process applications.


Ventilation products include fans, grilles, weather louvres and filters. The fans vary in sizes and capacities depending on the application. Fans can be centrifugal or axial, direct or belt driven, and can be supplied with either 220V or 380V motors of varying speeds.


As an Air Conditioning Contractor, the products we supply and install include the full range of units that are available including wall mounted units, ceiling mounted units, ducted hideaway units, and rooftop package units. These units vary in size and capacity depending on the specific application.

As an Air Conditioning Supplier, the brands we supply include Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic, York, Carrier and Ecoaire.

Our Air Conditioning Sales representative will gladly meet with you to discuss your specific Air Conditioning Installation.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information on the HVAC Products we supply.