Ventilation Contractor

Envirotherm designs and supplies various ventilation systems to suit our client’s specific needs. As a Ventilation Contractor, Envirotherm realises the need for flexibility in the designing of ventilation systems as each project has its own specific set of design criteria.

Envirotherm has supplies and installed under-ground parking lot extraction systems, warehouse fresh air systems, smoke extraction systems, dust extraction systems and systems specifically designed to remove harmful gases from the air.

Envirotherm has access to a multitude of fans to suit each project, a wide range of filters to ensure our client’s specifications are met, and various materials from which to manufacture the required equipment. Equipment can be manufactured from mild steel, galvanised steel, different stainless steels, and in highly corrosive application, PVC or Polypropylene.

Please do not hesitate to contact us as we would welcome the opportunity to be the selected Ventilation Contractor on your project.