Solar Energy

Envirotherm Engineering supplies and installs a number of Solar Energy Products. The need to conserve energy has become a critical part of our personal and business lives. The move to more energy efficient products is worldwide and includes appliances, light bulbs, air conditioning units and geysers. The installation of solar geysers has practically become mandatory due to the massive energy and costs savings associated with it. Envirotherm has installed a number of centralised solar water heating systems which double up as swimming pool heating systems. On a larger scale, Envirotherm has installed a 9000 litre system at one of the gold mines to bring down their running costs. 

Solar Energy also refers to the production of solar electricity which is slowly becoming more popular. These systems include simple day time saving systems, to larger 24 hour systems with battery storage, to completely off-grid systems. As the cost of electricity continues to rise, and the manufacturing costs associated with solar electricity products comes down, this type of installation will become more popular, but currently there is no significant return on your investment.